Unhealthy Cooking Mediums

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Not all cooking mediums are healthy and can have adverse affect on body due to their excessive and indiscriminate use. See below which ones to avoid,

Butter: It is made from milk fat and contains a high proportion of saturated fats and cholesterol, which when consumed in excess is high risk factors for developing heart diseases. Some commercially processed butter brands also contain loads of salt also, which again is not good for health.

Ghee: This is also prepared from milk fat and an essential condiment in Indian cuisine. Like butter, it also contains saturated fats and cholesterol which, when consumed in excess, leads to heart diseases like narrowing of heart vessels. Occasionally adding small quantity of ghee is not harmful but dishes as a whole should not be prepared in it.

Vanaspati: This is the unhealthiest form of edible cooking medium. It is a mixture of vegetable oil which is converted into solid form by adding hydrogen. Trans fat is produced when vanaspati is made which increases the risk of heart disease. It is extensively used as a ghee substitute in cooking, bakery products, sweets and snack items. It is best to avoid eating it in any form.

Ways to cut oil in cooking

As a rule, keep the amount of saturated fats you eat to a bare minimum. It is not always necessary to drench your dishes below one inch tari or a layer of that dreadful oil. Some of the healthy ways to low fat cooking are,

  • Try using cooking spray easily available at stores to lightly coat your pan rather than adding spoons and spoons of liquid oil
  • Cook by baking food in aluminium foil to keep the steam in and retain moisture
  • Use broth of vegetable or chicken as a cooking medium
  • Steam food above boiling water
  • Season food with lemon juice for tangy flavour
  • Marinate food in vinegar or sour curd

Handy notes

  • Change the type of cooking oil every 2 to 3 months. For example use sunflower oil for two months and then switch to olive or rice bran oil
  • Do not reheat and reuse the oil over and over again
  • Some oils like olive oil needs to be kept away from direct sunlight