Thyroid – Disease and Symptoms

Thyroid symptoms As we reap the benefits of the changing modern lifestyle so also we accept the adverse effects of it on our health. Diabetics or blood pressure are now a days considered to be common diseases. One more disease in this chain which is responsible to disturb the balance of our body is Thyroid. This disease is particularly troublesome to woman. Let us find out what this disease is and what are the reasons behind it. Thyroid is a gland that produces harmones. It is placed in the neck area and is governed by the brain. This harmones help the physical growth and control the organs. How fast the body has to work, for that how much energy is needed, is decided and ordered by this thyroid harmone. This gland produces three types of harmones. T-3, T-4 and TSH. If the balance of any of these harmones differs then the diseases regarding thyroid starts. There are mainly two types of diseases in it. First is hypothyroid and second is Hyperthyroid. Hypo means not enough and hyper means more than needed.

Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

In Hypothyroid the measure of TSH increases. Due to this one experiences symptoms like sudden weight gain, the skin becomes dry, body hair grow. In very serious cases heart problems also develop. In Hyperthyroidism the measure of T3, T4 increases. The main symptoms of this are shivering of the body, muscle pain, sweating, dysentery besides these the heart beats become irregular which is a very serious condition. As compared to males the problem of thyroidism is more in women. In pregnancy this problem can take a serious condition.

Statistics & Tyroid Test

Corers of people in the world have fallen prey to Hypothyroidism especially many of them do not know that they have such kind of disease. Out of 4000 children taking birth, there is a possibility of one having this problem. If the disease is not cured in time the child can get physical or mental drawback. That is why many times doctor’s advice to do the thyroid tests to find out whether the child has or not this disease at the birth.

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