Stress Management – Easy tips and tricks


Fix that stress simply!

Stress comes as a freebie with today’s erratic and unhealthy lifestyle. Since it has almost become a part of our lives now, let’s learn the easy ways to deal with it.

Don’t run from problems – Ignoring or lingering issues will not take you anywhere. Face the crisis and jot down the ways to solve it. It’s futile to avoid confrontation and keep the issue open. Things do not fall in place on their own. Take them upfront.

Practice saying “No” sometimes – It’s OK to politely decline a friend’s demand of going out in the evening on a weekday or a colleagues request to make his presentation, when you are already short of time and loaded with your own work. Additional responsibilities and less time in hand make things difficult for you to manage, which may lead to unnecessary stress.

Keep your things organised – A messy work place, untidy home and disorganised workflow – all these are enough reasons to make you stressed. Keep things organised and in place. List down and prioritise chores of the day.

Exercise, exercise, exercise – This always works! Exercise benefits your body and calms your mind. A long walk in the morning or late evening, meditation, yoga, swimming, aerobics or dance sessions are sure shot ways to de-stress as they divert your attention from the stressor.

Get enough sleep – Not sleeping enough can be a major cause of stress for the next day. A good night’s sleep will ensure a fresher you and ease off any signs of stress from the past day.

Say good bye to stress by following the above.