Smoking: Kick The Butt – Why?

Why Quit Smoking

ENOUGH reasons to quit smoking – NOW!!

Some might fancy their favourite stars on the big screen, smoking and puffing away those silver rings in the air and find it “oh-so-cool”. But in reality, do you have any idea about the havoc it creates within your body and how it brings you closer to b several life threatening diseases?
Smoking statistics

  • Around 90,000 Indians die of tobacco related disease every year
  • 56.6% of cancer in men and 44.8% cancers in women are caused by tobacco
  • Smokers are thrice more likely to develop tuberculosis than non smokers
  • Tobacco users are twice at risk for developing heart diseases and paralysis

Still not convinced? Hang on! Now go through the reasons why you should think 1000 times before lighting a cigarette:

Cancers of all sorts: Lung, mouth, cheeks, oral, pharynx, larynx, stomach, kidney, penis, urinary and gall bladder cancers are more mostly because of the ill effects of tobacco.

Heart diseases: Heart attack, angina (chest pain), sudden cardiac death, stroke, peripheral vascular disease (gangrene of legs), and paralysis hits people who are used to nicotine consumption. It reduces flow of blood to heart and increases blood pressure. A smoker has a weak heart and is prone to develop plaque around the coronary arteries and narrows them eventually.

Range of lung diseases: Chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, emphysema and several other respiratory tract diseases develops in smokers.

Lower stamina: Smoking decreases stamina and power for physical activity. Smokers tend to get tired and drained easily while doing any strenuous activity.

Sexual dysfunction: Impotence, early menopause and decreased oestrogen levels comes along free with heavy smoking. When combined with birth control pills, chance of stroke for women increases.

Accelerates ageing: Smoking can make you age faster than nature does.

Aesthetic turn off: Stained teeth, darkened lips, wrinkled skin, less hair on scalp, bad breath, and smelly clothes – oh what a put off!!

Passing illnesses to loved ones: A smoker unintentionally and unknowingly passes on grave illnesses to others nearby him. Being a passive smoker, anyone around a smoking person is bound to inhale the harmful chemical that comes out of the exhaled smoke.

Pinch your pocket: Isn’t it amusing that we spend so much money on something that can is killing us internally? Smoking not only is exceedingly damaging for health but also dents the pocket severely.