Scope of Brain Disorders – Spine

Spine Brain haemorrhage is an attack of brain disorder. In this disease the blood vessel breaks in the brain and bleeding takes place. In case of people younger than fifty this disease occurs due to severe blow in the head. High blood pressure also leads to this problem. A severe headache, numbness in legs and hands, change in the eyesight, imbalance, fainting are some of the symptoms of this ailment.

Dementia is actually not concerned with memory at all but it affects the patient’s body for a long time. It is found that 20% of the patients having dementia are in depression for a longer time.


Spine means a big nerve that goes from brain to every vertebra in the back. The injury to this spine leads to spinal cord injury. A sudden shock or accident can injure the spinal cord and this gives rise to this disorder. The injured part loses contact with the brain and the movements of the organs becomes slow. Accident, TB, Slip disc, Spondylitis are some of the reasons of spinal cord disorder. Many times due to such disorders the organs of body become loose and slow. Due to failure in the communication between brain and the organs, the consciousness in the concerned organs become sluggish and lethargic. The intensity of effects on the organs depends upon the measure of communication factors that are affected in the accident. If the spinal cord injury is small then immediate treatment can cure the patient completely. Regular exercise, ozone therapy to the injured part of the disc and if needed surgery are the effective answers to come out of this disorder.

Brain Tumour

This is a type of cancer, if not treated in the first stage, it spreads all over the body in the second stage. This is the seriousness of brain disorders. If a person is healthy in mind and body then the immunity power keeps on increasing. While thinking of preventive health we should be aware not to come under the shadow of any disease and that is why if we find any kind of symptom we should do the tests as per the suggestions of the doctors.

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