Preventive Health Checkup beyond Blood & Urine

Blood & Urine

Though it might make things look easier and simpler but unfortunately routine blood and urine tests do not reveal the complete and true story of our body’s functioning. Little more extensive testing is required to see what actually is going inside?

Several providers are thriving on mere blood and urine tests in the name of comprehensive preventive health checkups. But are they serving the purpose? The answer is NO!

Ponder over these.

Can a simple blood or urine test reveal,

  • If you are suffering from a heart ailment?
  • Even if cholesterol levels in the blood test show normal limit, does that mean all other structures or functions of your heart are doing fine?
  • What about breast, cervical and other cancer markers? They don’t present in blood and urine
  • Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis is vital in detecting structural abnormalities, any atypical growths, stones or other irregularities in major organs and a blood or urine test is not a sufficient parameter to mark these

When Indus says ‘Comprehensive Preventive Health Checkup’, it means

  • Detailed profiling of all major and vital systems of the body
  • Packages not only cover the basic parameters in blood and urine but go beyond that and comprise of x-ray, ultrasound, ECG, ECHO heart, body fat assessment and much more in even the basic and start-up packages
  • Advanced packages contain in-depth and specialised screening tests like coronary angiography, CT calcium scoring, doppler carotid, bone mineral densitometry, spirometry, audiometry, hepatitis check and more

So, be armed with knowledge and understand that preventive screening tests are not complete without procedural tests and clinical biochemistry or pathological tests are just a part of it.

Think Prevention. Think Indus!