Prevention and Age

Prevention Importance of Prevention in case of health is enormous. Our nation is known for being the largest in terms of population of young citizens in the world. It can also evident that our country is also on the verge of having the largest number of people having diabetics. This means there is a danger to our youth to get entangled in the vicious circle of diabetics and invite various other diseases. That is why the young generation should become aware of the challenges of future and follow the path of prevention. There are many ways to follow prevention on personal health level. Once you become alert about your health then the preventive attitude helps you on the fronts of your diet, habits, medical tests etc. To know our health status means taking help of medical consultants in preventive medical test. The present situation of body, disease that can occur in the future can be studied beforehand and by changing the lifestyle one can stay away from medicines. The medical tests give the idea of diseases that can take place in future and one can avoid them by following proper lifestyle and medicines.

Though prevention is necessary for people of all age groups, still in recent times due to many reasons the possibilities of diseases in youth has increased. Specially diabetics, BP, Heart problems etc. and in women the possibility of breast cancer has increased a lot. The difference between age and disease has minimized today. That is, at the age of thirty many of the youth reach the threshold of various diseases or many of them become victim of it. In such cases, everyone who has passed the age of thirty should start taking care of one’s health seriously. To consult the doctors and perform certain tests as per their advice is a step towards prevention. In women the breast cancer or uterus problem occurs in young age and seventy out of hundred are not ever aware of it till the disease reaches its last stage. On this background, it has become necessary to do the mammography, pap smear test after age thirty.

Whether it is city or village it is the responsibility of everybody to take care of one’s health. Not only us but all the factors and people dependent on us get affected due to our ill health. Preventive health should be accepted with a positive attitude. The one who does it can keep their health, career, family responsibility and future plans on good and promising state. A well-known writer Steven Kove has said that the one who works proactively is included in the list of successful achievers. Thus in preventive health age is one of the important aspect. In the same way in women some other aspects also have to be taken care of. Women health means health of family. Preventive attitude for women is of utmost importance.