Nothing Happens Suddenly – Brain Disorder


No disease arises all of a sudden. The result of changed processes in the body gives birth to disorders. If we think of brain disorders, the brain haemorrhage or paralysis seem to occur suddenly but their process in the body starts long ago. If we neglect it then one day we have to face such grave situations and then we feel they occur suddenly.

Symptoms of Brain Disorder

The main symptoms of brain disorders is headache, fainting, imbalance, numbness in one part of the body, feet giddiness etc.

Causes of Brain Disorder

  • The main reason of brain disorder is uncontrolled blood pressure.
  • The reasons that are suitable for heart disease (extra fat, eating habits, diabetics) apply to this also.
  • Aneurism or balloon like formation in the vessels of brains. Sometimes this balloon (blood pressure) increases and bursts.

Prevention of Brain Disorder

To avoid the brain disorders one important answer is to maintain the blood pressure in control. In the preventive treatments it is important to stop addictions, and keep in control diabetics or blood pressure. Early the treatment starts on brain disorder the chances of recovery are more. Many patients do not know that they have high blood pressure (BP). If they know this beforehand then the chances of brain haemorrhage will not arise at all.

Diagnostic tests

Many treatments of medical science are beneficial for the diagnosis of brain disorder. If one finds the above symptoms they can do the tests with the doctor’s advice in which CT scan, MRI Scan, Echocardiography are also included. Photo of brain (CT scan) and brain MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) these tests help to detect blood knot, bleeding in the brain. With the help of ECG one can find out the vibrations in the brain and the reasons of feet can be detected. These tests help to foretell the future ailments and the seriousness of the disease can be avoided by starting the treatment well in time.

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