Let’s March Towards Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living

Lifestyle is an important factor that decides the direction of your health. From the past decades we are either becoming the part of the changing lifestyle or its witness. The important factor in the lifestyle is the diet, recreation and habits. The food that we intake prepares nutritious liquids in the body. That is why the work of our digestive system depends on what and how much we eat. In the recent times due to the pressure of competition or due to the energy in the body while working at the office or business place one forgets time. Especially the lifestyle that is being rooted today in the society is led by the IT field where the working hours are uncertain and unlimited. As a result of that irregular and imbalanced diet becomes an inevitable part of their life. Junk food like Pizza, Burger are the easily available solutions at the time of hunger and daily consumption of such food and to quench the thirst they drink soft drinks instead of water which become habit after some time.

Cultural – Change in Paradigm

Further this food culture continues in malls, multiplexes and enters our life. In the beginning it is an attraction but afterwards it becomes a habit. The habit of eating even when it is not needed by the body results in accumulation of calories in the body. If they are not used away by physical work then they get stored in the body in the form of fat. We do not wake up even after weight gain. Then cholesterol increases and blockages get created in the blood vessels. After this blood pressure, diabetics or heart problems show their symptoms or many times they show their presence and then our eyes open wide.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Due to wrong lifestyle, mental tensions also increase. Angry and aggressive people have more risk of wrong lifestyle. Those who have blood pressure, diabetics those who are overweight always are under this dangerous fear of diseases.

Bring Healthy Changes

Only ideal lifestyle can face the disasters of future. Some practices should be inculcated into day to day life.

  • One should take breakfast before going to work avoid junk food in lunch but take balanced and nutritious diet, give enough time for the food to get digested in the body, there should be 2 hrs. gap between food intake and sleep, there should be lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet etc.
  • There is no other alternative than physical exercise to burn the extra calories in the body. Walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, outdoor games all these help to maintain our body in proper form so everyone should follow it as per one’s choice.

Proper lifestyle is the only best key to good health. This is truth of all times and it cannot change. The need is for us to change.

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