Important Haematological Tests – Blood Clotting

Blood clotting
Coagulation Test (Blood Clotting):
It is a common factor that after an injury blood comes out and after some time it automatically and naturally gets clotted. But some of us can find the injury and bleeding a very serious and painful affair. The reason behind it can be malfunctioning of process of natural blood clotting. To know the reason behind the malfunction of the process is the test called coagulation test. This test is not known to common man but pathological test include this and today we are going to take more information about this ‘coagulation test’.

The process of blood clotting is known as ‘coagulation process’. After bleed from any part of the body, it is expected that it stops naturally after a certain period of time. If this does not take place then one can say that there is damage in the coagulation process of the body. The damage can be detected by doing coagulation test. In this test it is seen that whether bleeding takes place normally after injury, time taken for it (bleeding time), clotting process starts in what time (clotting time), Time of clotting all this is observed.

Prothrombin time means a lengthy bleeding time can take place due to many reasons. But its gross reason can be detected from this test. But to detect the reason of complicated and lengthy bleeding one has to do some basic tests. Because based on the results of these tests one can decide the further tests.
Factor ASA:
The continuous bleeding process in the liver is related to coagulation factor. Around 14 types of ingredients are included in the coagulation factor. So it becomes important to find out, which ingredient is responsible for prolonged bleeding. For this ‘Asa Factor’ test is useful. The disease called ‘Hemophiliya’ can be diagnosed through this test. In this disease the process of clotting of blood stops completely. As a result, the blood continuously keeps flowing. If the results of Pro Thrombin (PT) test are not normal then one can say that the reason of diseases lies in liver. Excess viral infection or effect of medicines can become the reasons for blood not to clot. This can also be detected by this medical test.

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