How To Prevent Kidney Stones

Cervical Cancer Vaccine According to statistical and data mining reports, India on kidney stones approximately 5-7 million patients suffer from kidney stone disease and 1/1000 of Indian population needs hospitalisation due to kidney stone disease. Drink plenty of water: Aim at drinking a lot of water and other fluids during the whole day to stay hydrated. If you don’t urinate every couple of hours, this means you’re not drinking enough. In a day at least 2.5 litters of urine should be voided. Drink more, if you sweat more: Most of the times people lose more water through sweating but do not consume enough water to make up for the lost volume. This water loss leads to higher urine concentration, which in turn may lead to kidney stone formation. Drink lemonade: Drinking lemonades is an effective and delicious way to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation. The citric acid present in lemons inhibits urinary crystal formation and hence, brings down the risk of kidney stones. Try to either skip adding loads of sugar to your lemonade or use artificial sweeteners in less quantity. Cut back on oxalate products: Limit drinking soda, iced tea, rhubarb, strawberries chocolate and nuts as they are high in oxalates. Oxalate is an acid that can lead to the formation of calcium oxalate stones in kidney. Say no to caffeine: Caffeine lead to dehydration even though the person thinks he is taking plenty of liquids. Choose a diet low in salt and animal protein: Reduce the salt intake and eat less of animal protein. Animal protein like meat, eggs and fish contain purines, the natural substances which metabolise or break down into uric acid. Eat calcium rich food: Eating calcium rich foods is good, but be cautious of taking calcium supplements. Calcium in the food doesn’t aggravate the chances of kidney stones. If at all the doctor has prescribed calcium supplements, take them along with meals.