Healthy New Year Resolutions

Healthy New Year Resolutions

For most of us New Year resolutions are like promises, ‘easy to make, difficult to keep’.
Let’s pledge this time to keep them on till they are achieved. Along with some healthy resolutions we are giving some tips to successfully accomplish them.

  • Don’t make too many of them. Make one at a time and stick to it, till it is achieved.
  • Plan your resolution in advance. This will make you mentally prepared and give time to think about your goal and effective ways to achieve it.
  • Assign a target date to achieve it.
  • Keep a reward for yourself if you accomplish your resolution.

Below are some healthy resolutions which will help in improving your over all wellbeing.

Control Meal Portions

Want to cut down your weight? Cut down on the size/quantity of food that you eat. Downsize your meals. Use smaller plates and bowls for eating. Chances are you might not refill them several times. Sometimes, even though we are full, just to finish the food in the plate we end up over eating. So, try to take only little at a time.

Be Active, Keep Moving
One good habit naturally slim people and that is staying in motion. Try to infuse each day with more and more of physical activity (at least 30-45 minutes daily). It does not has to be necessarily hitting the gym but playing an outdoor game with kids, swimming, dancing, climbing uphill, running through stairs; the opportunities are endless.

Cut Down on Salt (Sodium)
Interestingly, we Indians consume close to twice the recommended limit of salt (a teaspoon or 6 grams) daily, at times even more. This over indulgence in sodium leads to water retention (bloating), rise in blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease. Processed foods like chips, packed ready to eat meals, pickles, soups and other such similar things contains high quantities of salt. Limit these; you will automatically cut down on excessive salt. Try not to sprinkle additional table salt on your meal.

Quit Smoking NOW and Forever!
Practically, for a smoker quitting may be the hardest resolution to stick to. New Year is a great time to pick this resolution as you are full of enthusiasm and excitement at this point of time at look up to the coming year with better prospects in life.

Considering the benefits seriously and looking upon the ill effects of smoking, quitting seems to be the wisest step towards sporting a healthy body. Making use of today’s resources and various workable techniques to quit, one can successfully become a non-smoker. Seek help of your physician to know ways of quitting smoking, medically.

Take Preventive Health Checkups
Last, not the least but definitely the healthiest resolution is vowing to take regular preventive health checkups not only for you but for your loved ones also. Health screenings at regular intervals help in detecting diseases at early stages, making them stand a fair chance to be treated more effectively resulting in saving time, money and a lot of physical and mental trauma.