Get Fit in 60 Seconds


Fitness does not always require hours of working out in gym. You can do some quick exercises within the comfort of your home only.
Fitness experts claim that it’s not always the duration of a workout that matters, but what makes an impact is the effort you are putting in while doing it.

We are compiling some easy ones that you can do in just ‘sixty sweaty seconds’ and guarantee to burn calories in record time.

Become the ‘Superman’
Stretch your arms over head and lie on your stomach with arms. Keep legs straight. Lengthen your body and lift arms and legs at the same time. Stay like that for 60 seconds.

Bicycle abs
Lie on your back with hands behind head. Lift legs and feet, bent knees to 90-degree angle. Lift the head and shoulders slightly away from ground. Rotate the upper body so left shoulder moves toward the right knee. Extend and lower the left leg at the same time. Alternate both sides for a total of 10 repetitions per side as if you’re pedalling a cycle.

Climb stairs
Climb up the stairs in your office/building, two at a time, at a high pace. Don’t stop till your watch completes 60 seconds.

Calf raise

Stand with your feet parallel and placed apart. Now slowly lift your heels off the round so you stand on toes of your feet. Slowly lower. Repeat and do for one minute.

Walking lunges
Put your right foot forward, then bend both legs so as the right knee is at a 90-degree angle and the left knee nearly touches the ground. Straighten, keeping the abs tight and step ahead with the left foot and bring your both legs together. Repeat with the left leg. Continue alternating legs as you move forward. Do it for a minute.
Hit the ground or do push-ups against a wall for 20 counts. That should easily be done in a minute.

The idea is to do vigorous exercise in short span of time by raising your heart rate which in turn would burn more calories.