Four Foods You Must Forget

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Dieting or no dieting, healthy eating habits are way to go!
In order to stay fit and healthy, you must resist and refrain from some of the food stuff.

Soda or Fizzy Drinks
Your favourite cola or carbonated/fizzy drink is loaded with empty calories. With zero nutritional value, it only contributes in making you gain weight and is also likely to increase your risk of high-blood pressure and diabetes.
Opt for fresh lime without sugar or nariyal pani when you feel like quenching that thirst rather than going for a bubbly glass of soda.

White Bread
White bread, your breakfast staple is made of maida, another unhealthy product. It may look appealing and taste better but excessive processing and bleaching rips it off its nutrients and most importantly – fibre!
So, replace it with brown or whole grain breads. It has higher content of fibre in it and adds more nutritional value to your diet. This also keeps you fuller for a long time than white flour bread

Whole Dairy

Undoubtedly milk and other dairy products are good for your health but whole-fat dairy products are full of fat and cholesterol.
So, go for low-fat and skimmed dairy & its products, which has all the nutrients you need sans fat. Cow’s milk too has less fat content than buffalo’s milk.

Fast Food
The amount of calories one junk food meal contains is almost equal to the calories one has to consume in the entire day! While only some of these calories come from carbohydrates and protein, most are derived from the sugar and the fat present in the food.
Try roasted rice puff bhel with sprouted lentils or tangy cucumber-tomato salad with boiled corn, when you feel like snacking.
We understand that totally going off such tempting delicacies is practically little difficult. You can begin by cutting down the frequency.