Stress Management – Easy tips and tricks


Fix that stress simply!

Stress comes as a freebie with today’s erratic and unhealthy lifestyle. Since it has almost become a part of our lives now, let’s learn the easy ways to deal with it.

Don’t run from problems – Ignoring or lingering issues will not take you anywhere. Face the crisis and jot down the ways to solve it. It’s futile to avoid confrontation and keep the issue open. Things do not fall in place on their own. Take them upfront.

Practice saying “No” sometimes – It’s OK to politely decline a friend’s demand of going out in the evening on a weekday or a colleagues request to make his presentation, when you are already short of time and loaded with your own work. Additional responsibilities and less time in hand make things difficult for you to manage, which may lead to unnecessary stress.

Keep your things organised – A messy work place, untidy home and disorganised workflow – all these are enough reasons to make you stressed. Keep things organised and in place. List down and prioritise chores of the day.

Exercise, exercise, exercise – This always works! Exercise benefits your body and calms your mind. A long walk in the morning or late evening, meditation, yoga, swimming, aerobics or dance sessions are sure shot ways to de-stress as they divert your attention from the stressor.

Get enough sleep – Not sleeping enough can be a major cause of stress for the next day. A good night’s sleep will ensure a fresher you and ease off any signs of stress from the past day.

Say good bye to stress by following the above.

Dengue Fever – Keep that mosquito away!

Dengue Fever – Keep that mosquito away!

Dengue (pronounced as den-gee) fever is a prevalent post-monsoon disease in tropical countries like India. This discomforting illness, manifested primarily by high fever is caused by any one of the four dengue viruses passed on by a mosquito bite.


  • The most prominent symptoms are high-grade fever, chills and severe headache Read Article

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two different interpretations of body’s response to emotional, physical and situational events. They are two diverse things and should not be confused as synonyms. Even though both present with almost similar symptoms but their origin and course of progress is different.

It is body’s reaction to any distressing situation. It can originate from a thought or any disturbing event which is known as a stressor. Read Article

Scope of Brain Disorders – Spine

Spine Brain haemorrhage is an attack of brain disorder. In this disease the blood vessel breaks in the brain and bleeding takes place. In case of people younger than fifty this disease occurs due to severe blow in the head. High blood pressure also leads to this problem. A severe headache, numbness in legs and hands, change in the eyesight, imbalance, fainting are some of the symptoms of this ailment.

Dementia is actually not concerned with memory at all but it affects the patient’s body for a long time. Read Article

Kidney Function Test

Kidney Function tests

Kidneys are responsible to remove wastes and excess fluid and regulate the amount of water and salts in our bodies. It’s functioning can be evaluated through blood and urine tests. These tests are also known as renal function test.

Tests done in blood

Serum Creatinine

Creatinine is a waste product that comes from meat protein Read Article

How To Prevent Kidney Stones

Cervical Cancer Vaccine According to statistical and data mining reports, India on kidney stones approximately 5-7 million patients suffer from kidney stone disease and 1/1000 of Indian population needs hospitalisation due to kidney stone disease. Drink plenty of water: Aim at drinking a lot of water and other fluids during the whole day to stay hydrated. If you don’t urinate every couple of hours, this means you’re not drinking enough. In a day at least 2.5 litters of urine should be voided. Read Article

Thyroid – Disease and Symptoms

Thyroid symptoms As we reap the benefits of the changing modern lifestyle so also we accept the adverse effects of it on our health. Diabetics or blood pressure are now a days considered to be common diseases. One more disease in this chain which is responsible to disturb the balance of our body is Thyroid. This disease is particularly troublesome to woman. Let us find out what this disease is and what are the reasons behind it. Read Article

Tuberculosis: Disease with a “Killer Instinct”

Tuberculosis A highly treatable infection, which can become fatal if goes undetected. What the disease is like: Tuberculosis is an extremely infectious bacterial disease caused by mycobacteria tuberculosis. This notorious bacteria most commonly affects the lungs but also does not spare other organs such as bones especially of spine and limbs, lymph nodes, brain or kidneys. Looking at it statistically, around 1/3rd of the world’s population gets affected by this bacteria but only 10% among them manifest with the disease clinically. Read Article

Gastroenteritis – Causes, Sign & Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Having that road side pani poori might sound a very tempting idea but resist, refrain and move on. That’s possibly where you might contract an unpleasant condition of gastroenteritis.
Watery stools, abdominal cramping, and uncontrollable puking – now that’s clearly a case of your stomach being truly upset. Read on to know how and why you develop it.What the disease is like?Also known as gastric flu or stomach infection, gastroenteritis causes inflammation in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Read Article

Stressed Anyone?

Beat stress with our simple S.T.R.E.S.S. management Tips
A flat tyre when you are already running 20 minutes late for office – stress; not able to meet deadlines – more stress; pile-on friends coming over on weekdays – stress + grump…. there couldn’t be enough reasons to avoid this unwanted condition of getting stressed every now and then. To be honest, no one can control the “causes” of stress but yes, can learn to deal with the metal exhaustion it creates. Read Article

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