Prevention and Age

Prevention Importance of Prevention in case of health is enormous. Our nation is known for being the largest in terms of population of young citizens in the world. It can also evident that our country is also on the verge of having the largest number of people having diabetics. This means there is a danger to our youth to get entangled in the vicious circle of diabetics and invite various other diseases. That is why the young generation should become aware of the challenges of future and follow the path of prevention. Read Article

Stress & Depression: Mind’s Dark Spaces

Stress Management

“I woke up one morning with a heavy head and a damp feeling. It was time to get out of bed, get dressed, take a quick breakfast and rush to work. Rush and hurry so that I don’t get late. Rush and hurry so that I can attend the boardroom meeting. Rush and hurry so that I can reach this month’s target. Rush and hurry so that I can finish the day’s work. Rush and hurry back from work so that I can have some time for family as well. And the drill goes on… Read Article

Healthy Lifestyle and Prevention: Need of Hour

Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle and our health have an extremely close relationship with each other. There is a difference between the lifestyle of older people. Up to the generation of our parents, lot of heed was paid towards the thought of health. They did not have to face growing competition, tensions as we do today. But still the physical work and mental wellbeing all was the outcome of their health lifestyle. Getting up early in the morning, doing physical work or exercise regularly, taking in nutritious and balanced diet, reading-thinking for mental health was their way of life. So they had to visit doctors for medicine very rarely. Read Article

Nothing Happens Suddenly – Brain Disorder


No disease arises all of a sudden. The result of changed processes in the body gives birth to disorders. If we think of brain disorders, the brain haemorrhage or paralysis seem to occur suddenly but their process in the body starts long ago. If we neglect it then one day we have to face such grave situations and then we feel they occur suddenly.

Symptoms of Brain Disorder

The main symptoms of brain disorders is headache, Read Article

Blood Disease – Polycythaemia

Blood Disease Blood is an important factor of the body. The blood circulates in the body and so any type of blood diseases can result in bad health. The blood diseases mainly shows effect on blood production and its different components in the body. This results in increase or decrease in the haemoglobin content, uncontrolled count of blood cells, no blood clotting in time or no control on the bleeding etc.

Blood Disease – Polycythaemia In blood diseases the main disease found is called Polycythaemia. The percentage of haemoglobin more or less than the normal count is called polycythaemia. In this disease the body starts preparing more red blood cells than needed. Read Article

Save – Money, Time & Gain Health!

Save – Money, Time & Gain Health!
Save – Money, Time & Gain Health!
Preventive Health Care

Preventive health thoughts have now become more important than before. The reason behind this is that today’s lifestyle is giving new diseases to the people. The daily competition in life, hustle bustle results in negligence towards physical and mental health. Many times one feels that everything is going smoothly and suddenly the breadwinner falls ill and one understands the seriousness of the situation. Read Article

Passive Smoking Leads to TB

Passive Smoking
Passive Smoking
Chest physicians warn that even passive smoking can lead to Tuberculosis (TB). Nearly 61% of the TB deaths can be attributed to smoking. A smoker with active pulmonary TB can transmit the disease to children by smoking in front of them. Passive smoking accelerates development of active TB, experts said.
Risk of TB infection
The risk of prevalence of TB infection is more among current or ex-smokers than among those who never smoked, a WHO report said. Smoking lowers lung immunity, as well as the overall body immunity.Therefore, smokers are more prone to developing TB. Read Article

10 Myths & Facts on Obesity Busted

Facts on Obesity

Obesity indicates a body weight that is much greater than what is considered healthy. A person’s body mass index (BMI) is considered the most accurate measurement of body fat for children and adults. Being overweight and obese are major risk factors for many chronic diseases.
Top 10 Myths & Facts on Obesity

  • Myth: Genetic makeup will not allow an inpidual to be lean and fit Read Article

Carcinogens You Are Living With

Toxic and carcinogenic chemicals are scattered all around your house. Read, identify, and look for what all bear the risk of causing cancer inside your home?


Apart from tobacco, which is a fairly known carcinogen, there are several other toxic chemicals that can put you at an increased risk of cancer, even within the closed doors of your home.

Non-stick cookware: Every house’s staple, this cooking ware can potentially put you at a higher risk of cancer. Studies indicate that in some low quality non-stick utensil surfaces which contain perfluorooctanoic acid can cause liver cancer. Read Article

Fainting – Why you pass out?

Fainting Don’t take those dizzy spells lightly!! Fainting or “passing out” is a sudden and brief loss of consciousness due to lack of blood flow to the brain. Usually, the victim gains consciousness back quickly.The reasons behind such dizzy spells are several and can be related to various systems of the body. Vasovagal fainting This is known as the “common fainting” and is the most frequent among all. It happens because of an abnormal circulatory reflex. Read Article

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