Prostate Cancer

Men – Watch out for this one!!

Prostate-CancerProstate cancer is predominantly a male’s disease. Man’s prostate, a walnut-sized gland just below the bladder, develops cancerous abnormalities. This is the second most common cancer in men after skin. It often grows very slowly and may not cause significant discomfort but some types spread quickly and are more aggressive.
Symptoms of Prostate Cancer In the early stages, it can be asymptomatic. Later, symptoms may include:

Cancers and Cardiovascular Diseases – Trends in India

Cancers and Cardiovascular Diseases

Cancer, a non-communicable disease, has spread its tentacles in the country. National Cancer Registry shows that there will be approximately 8 lakh new cancer cases in India every year. Unfortunately, a majority of patients suffering from cancer approach specialist at a very late stage when cure is not possible and only palliative treatments can be given to make the patient comfortable and pain free.

Upcoming Scenario
Cancer and cardio-vascular diseases will be the major killers in India in the next 20 years which will also see a substantial rise in the total number of deaths due to chronic diseases in the country. Read Article

Myths That We Busted This World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2013

If curiosity can kill the cat, so does ignorance. When people are scared of something, they make it far more dangerous by believing and spreading stories that doesn’t hold any truth. This World Cancer Day on 4th February, on account of spreading awareness towards cancer, Indus Health Plus is trying to bust some common cancer related myths. Read on to believe in facts than folklores. Read Article

Breast Self Examination – A Do-It-Yourself Screening

Breast Self Examination

Easy, quick, and discreet but not a substitute to mammogram.

It is not difficult, it is not painful. It does not require visiting a hospital and it can be done within the privacy of a room. Breast self examination or BSE aims at learning about the “look and feel” of the normal structure of one’s breast and picking on and recognising the appearance of abnormal changes, if any. Read Article

Lung Cancer

Preventing Lung Cancer

About Lung Cancer Lung cancer has earned a dubious distinction of being the number one killer cancer. Tragically more than 13 lakh people are dying annually as a result of lung cancer.
Types of Lung Cancer There are two main types of lung cancers. Read Article

Preventing Oral Cancer

Preventing Oral Cancer


  • Oral cancer is the most fatal cancer to kill men in India. According to a recent study on cancer mortality in India published in the Lancet, 45,800 people died of oral cancers in 2010.
  • The report also revealed that oral cancers were leading cause of death in men in both rural and urban areas.
  • The incidence of oral cancers is especially high in U.P, Kashmir, Kerala and West Bengal. Read Article

Cancer Symptoms Woman Must Not Ignore

Cervical Cancer VaccineNot everything, every time unusual is alarming but be watchful of the atypical symptoms or findings in your body, which last beyond couple of weeks, are subtle in manifestation and seems like creeping in gradually with a lazy pace i.e they do not present with severe indications. Visits your physician if you notice any of these,
Read Article