Breast Cancer

breast cancer pictures

Just like all other cancers, there is again an abnormal growth in the breast tissue which causes cancer of breast. It is the commonest cancer spread worldwide that women fall prey to.

Symptoms of Brest Cancer:

Being a silent disease, initially there are no visible or apparent symptoms.

  • As the cancer develops, the first detectable symptom is a lump in the breast, which has a distinctive feeling from the rest of the surrounding breast tissues. Estimates suggest that women detect the lump themselves in 80% of the breast cancer cases.
  • Swollen bumps or festering sores may develop on the skin during the advanced stages of the disease. The skin may also become dimpled and leathery, like an orange skin, or may have ridges.
  • The breast may become warm, red and swollen in case of inflammatory breast cancer. The nipples may also invert (turn inward) and there may be discharges from the nipple.

Prevention from Breast Cancer:

  • Prevention along with early diagnosis is definitely possible.
  • Some of the long term measures to prevent the disease include control of certain modifiable risk factors.
  • Promotion of healthy diet and physical activity, measured alcohol consumption, and controlling overweight and obesity are some of the important steps one can take to avoid the occurrence of the disease.
  • Mammography is the only screening method that can conclusively detect breast cancer, it involves elaborate resource settings which include the availability of expensive and latest technology apart from highly experienced technicians and doctors. Mammography test is usually recommended to those who have a family history of breast cancer. As an alternative, a clinical examination by a breast specialist at regular intervals helps in early detection of the disease.
  • Also, breast self-examination (BSE) is being promoted as a viable practice to help empower women and drive them to take greater care of their health.

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