Blood Test – Pathological Tests & its Importance

blood test

An important step towards health is preventive health care. Even though the list of such tests is long still everyone should do them. Such tests are pathological tests. The blood and urine tests show major diseases in our body and such tests help for important diagnosis of such diseases. In pathological or laboratory workup section of tests different urine and blood test are done which analysis the various factors contained in it. As per the results of the tests the diagnosis is done and the way of treatment is decided.

In this form the preliminary type of tests are concerned with blood tests. Because the base of many diseases is found in the blood contents or in the increase or decrease of the blood in the body.

Haemogram Test
Haemogram is considered to be an important test. To check the blood and its contents and quantity in the body and the disease in it is the main purpose of these tests. Whether the quantity of haemoglobin in the body, the white, red blood cells, platelets and vitamins in the body is correct or not is searched through these tests. Varied diseases can be detected out of these. Different allergies can also be detected out of these.

PBS (Peripheral Blood Smear)
PBS (peripheral blood smear) is considered to be an important test. The analysis of all factors of blood done by expert doctors is called as PBS test. Serious diseases, problems in the blood contents is searched through these tests. Even though these tests are preliminary they are considered to be very essential. Because the hidden diseases in the blood , diseases like bone marrow can be diagnosed through these tests very easily. Many other diseases can also be detected through these tests. The other diseases that can be detected are lack of iron, vitamins, infection, allergy and blood cancer. All types of tests help to diagnose as per their speciality but those can prove to be beneficial when they are performed in time. Because tests done at right time help to diagnose the disease at early stage and immediately the treatment can be started.