Blood Disease – Polycythaemia

Blood Disease Blood is an important factor of the body. The blood circulates in the body and so any type of blood diseases can result in bad health. The blood diseases mainly shows effect on blood production and its different components in the body. This results in increase or decrease in the haemoglobin content, uncontrolled count of blood cells, no blood clotting in time or no control on the bleeding etc.

Blood Disease – Polycythaemia In blood diseases the main disease found is called Polycythaemia. The percentage of haemoglobin more or less than the normal count is called polycythaemia. In this disease the body starts preparing more red blood cells than needed. This results in dense blood and blood clots start taking place. Such blood clots stops the blood to flow in the blood vessels which can result in heart attack. Actually the red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body. If their count increases the blood looses its liquidity and starts becoming dense and cannot flow easily through the body.

Symptoms & Reasons of Blood Diseases If the process of blood production in the body is more, or if other factors affect it then this disease occurs. Over smoking, asthma, living in the less oxygen atmosphere are the reasons of this disease. This disease is very serious because it leaves a long term effect on the body. Breathlessness, chest pain, blood clots in the blood vessels, high blood pressure are the symptoms of polycythaemia. In the blood test if it is found that the haemoglobin percentage in the blood is more than 17.5 and if there is rise in the platelets count then this diseases is diagnosed.

Blood Diseases Treatment The production of blood cells occurs in the sponge like cells (bone marrow)in bones. The main treatment is to keep the condition of the bone marrow under control. For this good treatment is available. Besides this to avoid smoking, to avoid living in the atmosphere where there is less oxygen in the air is important. If haemoglobin is found more than the right level, it can be removed by treatment. This diseases slowly spreads in the body. So a lot of time passes before its detection. The answer to it is doing a regular >blood test after a certain interval of time. Every individual should have a blood check up, Get blood test done today at special diagnostic centres in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Nasik, Goa, Solapur, Vapi, Jalgaon, Belgaum & More cities.