Biochemical Tests – Kidney & Liver Function Test

kidney function test

Blood Sugar Biochemical test means an very important type of test of health.In this chemical agents are used to search the defects in the blood. Blood sugar i.e. in the bodyshould be 60 to 100 fasting and two hours after lunch it should be 100 to 140. By this test blood sugar quantity is tested and diabetics can be diagnosed. Random blood sugar measure should be less than 140. In Stress Indused Diabetics (Mental tension or diabetics risen in serious disease)the blood sugar percentage rises. In today’s times due to the changed lifestyle the blood sugar percentage after a certain age can increase. That is why this test is important.

Kidney Function Test Kidney is an important organ of the body that performs the function of blood purification. In the process of blood purification kidney performs the function of separating impure and extra water in the form of urine. Kidney also helps in controlling the blood pressure. It is important to keep the function of kidney in order as it keeps the balance of calcium and phosphate in the body. If the working of kidney is affected then the level of haemoglobin also comes down. Normal function of kidney is very essential for healthy life. Kidney function test help to find out whether kidney is working normally or not. In this test percentage of urea, creatinine etc. are checked. It is necessary to keep the percentage of urea below 20 and keratin below 1.2. If this percentage increases then kidney problems start. Some kidney problems are from birth and some can occur due to diabetics and blood pressure. Diabetics and high blood pressure can seriously affect the normal working of kidney. Kidney problems can prove to be fatal. That is why, kidney function test is considered to be very important test. Other Biochemical test that are very essential are liver function test and lipid profile test.

Liver Function Test Liver is one of the important organ of digestive process. Liver prepares some important factors of the blood. To test its function Liver Function Test is done. In liver function test liver enzymes (SGOT, SGPT), Jaundice in blood (Serum bilirubin), liver (alkaline phosphatage) and percentage of protein in blood (serum/ albumine)is tested. Liver enzyme helps to find out infection in liver and its effect on it. Bilirubin helps to find out the percentage of jaundice due to infection. Alkaline Phosphatage test helps to find out the diseases of liver/ gall bladder. The Serum proteins test shows the percentage of protein in the blood. Over addiction of liquor, infection,. Blood infection can lead to hepatitis and liver serosis. Liver function test is important of person of every age.

Lipid Profile In recent times one can see blood pressure, diabetics in very young age. It is the result of wrong and changed lifestyle and changes in diet habits. The accumulated fat in the body leads to blockages in the blood vessels. As a result Heart, kidney, liver etc. important organs and their function is affected directly or indirectly and the body invites many serious diseases. Lipid profile test is mainly done to check the possibility of heart problem. If there are blockages in the blood vessels then blood pressure increases and the risk of heart attack increases. In lipid profile test the blocks in the blood vessels can be detected clearly. In this test the five types of fats and its percentage in the blood is checked:

  1. Serum Cholesterol
  2. Triglycerides
  3. H.D.L
  4. V.L.D.L
  5. L.D.L.

Lipid profile one can find out the percentage of cholesterol in a person. One can predict if the person is on the border line of danger or not. As per the results of this test, the experts can exactly diagnose the disease. As a preventive care test this lipid profile test is very important. Because one can detect the possibility of any disease in a person through this test and as per that the expert guidance can be searched for. One can change the diet, living habits and after taking preventive care one can avoid the disease.

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